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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All prices are expressly ex factory Italy Florence (province of Siena) and inclusive of the statutory VAT. The pricing is non-binding. We reserve the right to make mistakes, write errors, changes and temporary sales.

If the value added tax identification number (VATIN) is available, a VAT-adjusted purchase is possible. This is only possible if the VATIN is active and without deviation from an invoice or delivery address. The Terms and Conditions of b to b (business to business) is then valid.

Delivery cost
You acquire property by transfer of ownership in Italy. The goods must be picked up by you or by a freight forwarder appointed by you in Florence. Our system automatically creates a transport and pick-up order in your name and sends it to selected hauliers and courier services in Italy. The delivery takes place in your name.

In the method of payment delivery to the cash on delivery an additional 12,00 EUR cash on delivery fee will be charged by the forwarding, courier service or package service.

Delivery times
Our delivery times are normally 10 to 15 working days. The delivery time is ex-factory Italy plus follow-up times for freight forwarders, courier and parcel services.

This is always subject to availability, strikes with producers and their suppliers, as well as strikes with freight forwarders / parcel services and their fulfillment auxiliaries.

The delivery times can be extended considerably because of the factory holidays and the driving ban on the Italian motorways. This affects in particular the month of August.

The same applies to the factory Christmas holidays and the Christmas shop. Here, before and after Christmas.

The orders / items are shipped with Cash On Delivery (COD) plus 12,00 EUR charge. (Will be displayed in the shopping basket) You pay securely and comfortably to the collection authorized freight forwarder, courier or parcel service upon delivery.

The payment shall be made immediately upon delivery of the goods in cash and without deduction. The freight forwarder is entitled to collection.

On request, advance payment is possible. For advance payment we grant a 3% discount.

The payment method of advance payment / prepayment for full or partial payment is expressly reserved to us.

COD only to individuals and after examination by credit bureaus (Bürgel, Schufa, Creditreform)

Notification of defects
The self-importer must immediately check the goods for defects. If defects or deviations of the quantity are ascertained, these must be recorded immediately in writing by the forwarding company in the presence of the driver.

Material defects shall be claimed not later than three days after receipt of the goods. If the self-importer fails the punctual complaint, the delivered goods is considered as unconditionally delivered according to quality and quantity.

Damaged goods
If the self-importer receives damaged goods (transport damage / production defect, etc.), he is entitled to free and immediate replacement delivery (spare parts if otherwise possible). Defects and / or damages shall be reported in writing or electronically (by e-mail) within three working days. If the self-importer neglects his duty of care, and fails to claim damages within three working days, his claims may lapse.

Right of Revocation
The withdrawal period is 30 days (14 days for the barstool series) after the goods receipt. Telephone or electronic (e-mail) notification is sufficient to keep the deadline.

The following goods are excluded from the right of revocation: Custom-made products and reduced stock items.

The exercise of the right of return or revocation leads to a return claim of the goods to the seller. The person entitled to revoke or buyer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price. Additional costs, such as cash on delivery or freight costs, which are covered by third parties, are not refundable.

Return Transport
The return transport is free of charge for the self-importer. Classicfactory24.com commissions the return.

In the case of unauthorized return by the self-importer, the latter shall bear the costs. This also applies to the acceptance refusal by the self-importer. The costs of this operation must be borne by the self-importer. The most cost-effective transport route is always applicable.

Acceptance Refusal
If the self-importer refuses to accept the goods for whatever reason, he will be in default of acceptance in accordance with the BGB (German Civil Code). This entails the assertion of the freight costs (forward and return) and possibly bearing charges, as well as a collection of a delay damage, which is composed of the respective labour costs and the additional costs. The costs are to be paid to the respective forwarder / courier service / parcel service or their third parties.

Goods Return
Returns are only accepted in the original packaging, including packaging films (please keep the empty carton).

Information on the website of classicfactory24.com does not constitute a binding offer. The customer makes a binding offer with a purchase order to conclude a purchase contract. Classicfactory24.com can accept this offer within 8 days by express declaration. The sending of the ordered goods or an invoice to the customer is equivalent to an express declaration of acceptance. Your order can be made via informal e-mail to info@classicfactory24.com, by telephone or directly via the shop basket system at www.classicfactory24.com.

Send a price offer - Price alert
If a bid is sent or the price alert function is triggered by the user of this function (bidder / buyer), a purchase contract is concluded with the same rights and obligations as in the case of a triggered purchase order in the case of acceptance by the shop operator (classicamobile.com) Shop system. Classicamobile.com confirms or denies the bidder's bid by e-mail.

If the offered price is accepted by the shop operator (classicfactory24.com), the buyer / bidder is obligated to pay the purchase price plus the transport costs incurred within 8 days to the shop operator (classicfactory24.com) with advance payment. A cash discount is no longer deducted. It is not possible to ship the goods using cash on delivery.

If the payment is not received by the shop operator (classicfactory24.com) within 8 days, the shop operator (classicfactory24.com) will cancel the bid and the process will not be followed up.

If the price alarm is abused, the system will be blocked. (Fun bidders, substantial undercutting of the list price, etc.)

The right of withdrawal is fully retained by the bidder / buyer.

Deliveries abroad or to EU third country
Shipments to an EU third country, e.g. Switzerland or Norway will only be accepted starting with an order value of EUR 500.00.

Small shipments below a value of 500.00 EUR will only be processed using prepayment.

The method of payment for advance payment - also as a partial payment - remains unaffected.

We charge a fee of 70.00 EUR for the customs clearance, drafting of the AE-paper, possibly T2 documents incl. the customs tariff numbers (small shipments below 500.00 EUR to 40.00 EUR) valid for all EU third countries.

Order Cancellation
The cancellation of your order is possible until the 8th day after our order confirmation.

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