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Frequently asked questions and our answers:

This is just an excerpt from questions that reach us day by day. This extract is not intended to be exhaustive. Furniture purchase is and remains individual and can not be done with prefabricated answers.

We are happy to help you. Please call us directly at office hours: +39 055 062 0507 or send us your electronic message to info@classicfactory24.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and your individual questions.

Your online furniture purchase should be a success experience for you from the first to the last contact and give them the same pleasure as us.

Do you have a showroom in ...?
No. Shops in the top locations of the pedestrian zones are also only available at top rental rates. Our pricing would triple and the price advantage would no longer exist.

Can I look at the furniture before?
Yes; Make an appointment for a visit to the factory in Tuscany with us. We will gladly accompany you on the spot.

Are your products originals?
Our models are reproductions of old designs which are produced to the highest quality. Often even in manual work. By "originals" one understands those few preserved contemporary pieces, which are today in museums to be visited. While it is the common practice of expensive manufacturers to label their products as "authentic" or as original. We can not expressly follow this argument because it is misleading.

I stay at the holiday time in Italy, can I pick up my favorite classic myself?
This is possible after an exact date notice.

Can we also get leather and fabric patterns?
This is also possible. Please let us know your address by phone number, so we can be sure that you have reached our samples.

I am in possession of a VAT number. Can I buy "net" from you?
In our pricing, VAT is already included. If you are in possession of a VAT number, then it is of course possible for you to invoice your goods net. Please understand that we need proof of this VAT number. In addition then the terms and conditions b to b are valid.

Where exactly are their furniture manufactured?
The production of our furniture is between Florence and Siena. Our furniture is therefore made in Italy. (Made in Italy).

We have significantly cheaper offers found in the Internet.
How do you explain these differences in pricing?

Our pricing and the excellent quality with our affordable pricing is at the furniture store.

Furniture which you get for a much lower price on the Internet are often products from China. Offered mainly through sales structures from Great Britain.
The quality of these products is questionable (a health hazard can not be excluded) which is accompanied by an insufficient service. This is accompanied by long delivery times.