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Frequently Asked Questions and our answers:

What is the diameter of the steel tube used in your furniture classics?

The raw steel pipe we use has a diameter of one in. (2.54 cm | 0'1'' feet).    

At that time, gas tubes were used for the first produced cantilever chairs made of steel tubes in the 1930s. These gas tubes or steel tubes convinced with durability. Until today, this material is still used for the production of our cantilever chairs or other furniture classics where tubular steel is used.

What is the chrome plating level of your furniture classics or their chair frames?

The designation for the degree of chromium plating is expressed in micrometers (um).

Our furniture has a chrome plating degree of approximately 28 microns.

The resulting chrome is bright, glistening and extremely durable. The chrome not only has the task of visually enhancing the furniture but also protects the metal or steel pipe from corrosion.

How long does it take after I order from you until I can receive my furniture classics?

Our production time is about 10 business days.

Please add a few more working days to the delivery time. This refers to the pickup of the furniture by the carrier at the factory in Florence near Siena, the freight time or the shipping run - that is, the transport of the shipment from A to B - the agreement of the delivery date and delivery to your home.

What is your delivery time?

Our delivery time is made up of two components:

  1. Pure production time of about 10 to 14 weeks. (Pandemic and raw material problem) 
  2. Time for the dispatch way to your home. Depending on the country, this can take up to 5 to 10 working days.

For non-EU countries such as Switzerland or Norway, the time for the customs clearance process and possibly a presentation period, etc. is added.)

How high are your transport costs - freight charges?

Freight charges are displayed in the shopping cart together with your desired items.

Always before a final order is triggered. The content of the shopping cart can be changed at any time before finishing the order.

Do you have a store where I can see your design classics in advance?

We do not maintain a retail store or even a chain of stores. The sale of our furniture classics takes place purely through our website . The purely electronic sales enable the affordable price structure of our furniture classics. Furthermore, we offer a 30-day right of withdrawal from the purchase. (Right of withdrawal; formerly called right of return). Thus, you are on the safe side should you once actually not like a piece of furniture.

A so-called offline store or retail store is not obliged to take back. Clear advantage for them.

Can I see your Bauhaus classics in advance?

Yes, of course you can.

Please make an appointment with us to visit the factory near Siena. We will be happy to accompany you. We will show you the individual production steps of the leather processing and the assembly of the individual parts. Many of these steps are done by hand. Afterwards it is possible to place your order directly at the factory.

Are your design classics really made in Italy?

Yes, to this day and for over 50 years.

When it comes to style and style like automobiles, fashion and furniture, Italy still is the number one address.

Furthermore, it is possible to visit our production at any time by appointment. If you are on vacation in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, we look forward to your visit.

Are your furniture classics copies?

Our furniture classics are reproduced or rebuilt according to their famous models.

The production as well as the electroplating technology are up to date in terms of the processed materials and the applied craftsmanship. The results of these reproductions are of highest quality and durability while still affordable.

You´re offering different qualities of leather. Can you please send me leather samples and what would be the cost of this service?

We are also happy to send leather samples of our HIGH CLASS and PREMIUM qualities.

Please give us your shipping address. This service is of course free of charge.

I have seen a very attractive offer on the Internet which is significantly cheaper than your offer. What is the reason?

The price of a good, in this case a piece of furniture, depends on various factors:

What materials are used? Where is this piece of furniture made? In Europe or in a low-wage country like China, for example? What is the service like? (After sales management, warranty, spare parts supply, goodwill). What happens in case of a reversal of the purchase? Is this possible? What is the legislation in such a case? All these factors are influencing the price. In addition, there is always the uncertain quality factor, whether promises are actually kept and in which part of the world it is produced.

Most dumping offers are goods from China. The price is tempting but the quality is often poor and the service hardly or not at all available. Accompanied comes inferior leather which often is imitation leather. In addition, inferior steel with non-coherent wall thickness which can break at a corresponding load. Furthermore, the degree of chrome plating is saved (you can tell by the yellowish discoloration) or the steel was only polished (looks optically matt) but not high-gloss chrome plated. In case of the spring full flat steel (chair model Mies van der Rohe BRNO and Barcelona), the dimensions do not correspond to the specifications of the original model. The width and thickness of the spring full flat steel are too thin or their dimensions are not correct.

All in all, these models can not meet the requirement of a faithful reproduction with long durability.

What is the difference between the furniture classics I can buy in specialized stores and your offer?

The price! The conservative distribution structure of the classic furniture trade simply makes the products significantly more expensive. Cost factors are the personnel, the rent for stores in exposed shopping locations, the classic distribution channel with sales agents etc..

We save these costs and invest these savings in the production of our furniture classics.

This in turn benefits you - our customers!

What is the C.I.S. service you´re offering?

The C.I.S. Service (Costumer Individual Service) is an individual special service of the courier service.

This service can be booked separately. It includes unpacking and transporting the shipment to the place of installation and disposal of the delivered outer packaging. The only thing left behind is your ordered furniture and this at the place of installation.

The difference to a "normal" forwarding delivery is that the shipment is only delivered to behind the first lockable door and is also only insured up to there.

This is only an excerpt of questions that reach us every day. This excerpt has no claim to completeness. Furniture purchase is and remains individual and can not be done with ready-made answers.

We are very happy to be there for you. Please call us directly during office hours at +39 055 062 0507 or send us your electronic message to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your individual questions.

Your online furniture purchase should be a success from the first to the last contact and give you the same pleasure as we do.

Do you have a showroom in ...?

No. Shops in the top locations of the pedestrian zones are also only available at top rents. Our pricing would roughly triple and the price advantage would no longer exist.

Can I look at the furniture beforehand?

Yes; make an appointment with us for a factory tour in Tuscany. We will be happy to accompany you on site.

Are your products originals?

Our models are reproductions of old designs that are manufactured to the highest quality. Often still handcrafted. By "originals" we mean those few surviving contemporary pieces that can be seen in museums today. It is the common practice of expensive manufacturers to label only their products as "authentic" or original. We expressly cannot follow this line of reasoning, as it is misleading.

I am staying in Italy during the vacation season. Can I pick up my desired classic myself?

This is possible after an exact appointment.

Can we also get leather and fabric samples?

This is also possible. Please give us your address and telephone number, so that we can be sure that our samples have reached you.

I am in possession of a UID number. Can I buy "before taxes" from you?

In our pricing the value added tax is already included. If you are in possession of a UID number, it is of course possible for us to invoice your goods net. Please understand that we need proof of the assignment of this UID number. In the further then the AGB b to b valid.

Where exactly is your furniture manufactured?

The production of our furniture is located between Florence and Siena. So our furniture is made in Italy. (Made in Italy).

We have found much cheaper offers on the Internet. How do you explain these differences in pricing?

Our pricing and excellent quality with our affordable pricing is aligned with furniture retailers.

Furniture that you get for a significantly lower price on the Internet are often products with questionable "quality" from China.

Offered mostly through distribution structures from Great Britain.

The quality of these products is questionable (A health hazard can not be excluded) which is accompanied by an inadequate service such as no revocation options or no exercise of a warranty, etc.. This is accompanied by long delivery times of several months. Who buys quite cheaply, buys also often twice.

The quotes of John Ruskin should be included in their purchase decision.