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Leather Colors Premium

Aniline (Anilina or Aniline Leather) - Leather A - also called bio leather is natural leather and is dyed in large barrels with transparent, environmentally friendly dyes. They absorb into each skin fiber and allow the natural surface of the leather to be clearly recognized. Such leathers are distinguished by an extremely soft, warm and natural handle and are particularly sensitive to the skin. As you see the grain in noble woods, you can see the skin structure with these transparently colored leathers. Leather in its most beautiful form.

The term PREMIUM already explains the purpose or the place of use. Exclusive waiting, lounge and living areas stand out with the use of this material from the broad mass. PREMIUM creates attractive exclusivity and is an expression of style and individualism.

9300 | Black

9000 | White

9030 | Beige

9100 | Cognac

9110 | Med. Brown

9130 | Dark Brown

9240 | Orange

9150 | Red

9050 | Nut

9210 | Dark Blue

9080 | Creme

9190 | Anthracite